Meet the Team

Our People

Managing director – Billy Robinson

Billy has all the commercial and legal responsibilities and runs the main engine of the business, with a strong background of security he has continuously gained sector relevant qualifications and in early years drive all the quality management and legal responsibilities within the business. Working closely our customers he has always concentrated on total customer focus and used his strong relationships to build new business develop relationships with our current client base, Billy is the shaper within the business and the strategy developer.

Operations Director – Dolton Adams

Dolton is an equal partner within the business but has responsibilities for operational matters only, bringing the work a totally different tool kit to Billy, he concentrates totally on the shop floor day to day running of the business.

Robert Farrell

Rob is our company secretary and is a chartered tax advisor. One of the companies he works for, Tree Accountancy Limited, are our company’s accountant and Rob offers continuous first-class support for tax and revenue matters.

Stuart Graham

Stuart is our mobile services manager and was head hunted form G4s. Stuart has brought an amazing up lift to our mobile services; and in just his short time here we have increased our number of key holding contracts from less than 100 to the mid 300 mark, Stuart has brought in new staff and his target for the end of 2017 is to hit the 500 sites mark.

James Daly

James was head hunted by Capricorn to bring a new, fresh and steady feel to our head office. His main role is to control our creditors and offer a calm and methodical atmosphere to what can be a hectic and colourful work load.

Cassie Smith

Cassie previously worked for the company from June 2009 to November 2015 – she was then part of the transfer of business to Archon. Cassie has now re-joined Capricorn and brings back with her a wealth of knowledge about the business. In her new job role as Office Co-ordinator, she adds strength and depth to the newly formed Operations Team.

Tina Sanderson

Tina is a key employee in our accounts team and responsible for implementing Sage.

Paul Taylor

Paul joined the company as part of the ‘new look’ Operations Team. With a previous ten years’ experience working within the Aviation Security sector, he brings with him strong protocol and methodology techniques working within the quality, risk and compliance functions of the company.

Natalie Yehezkel Grainger

Natalie was head-hunted from her role as a Freelance Unit Manager in TV and Film production, Natalie’s new role within Capricorn as Production Co-ordinator, brings unique support to Dolton Adams and Garry Robinson and all other TV and Film related processes.

Zoe Byrne

Zoe joined the business as an apprentice via our local partner The Manchester College. Zoe has developed well and is employed fully now by the business, Zoe is responsible on a day to day, week to week basis for all mobile patrol services’ administration and customer reporting.

Paul McDonagh

Paul is a strong field Operations Manager with outstanding leadership skills in the field. As a lead man, he leads large scale operations for our event customers and puts an edge of steel into our media locations operations.

Gary Robinson

Gary works lives and works in Yorkshire and has a small team of guards which service a very unpredictable workload. Gary is a sound decision maker and has good integrity skills.