Company Values

Capricorn  Security Company Values

Capricorn Security People

By far our most valuable assets, total care is applied when selecting and developing our staff retention is always a priority, and a true company success factor. Our people have become our sales team whilst out in the field and over the last decade have helped this business grow.

Client Focus

We build and maintain close, open relationships with our clients and generate total trust every step of the way, all our clients are valued the same and with referrals help Capricorn to win new business.

Honesty and Transparency

We have a decade of trust with our core clients and it is our clients who recommend our services – we are trusted to do it the right way and make sound decisions.


We drive forward the need and value for effective and clear communications in the way we do business, and this is applied across all our operations, staff and with our customers and stakeholders.


We set new targets each year and push all the team forward, we continuously challenge ourselves to maintain our position in our industry and as the UKs number 1 brand, total customer satisfaction always our number one priority.

Sector Expertise

We concentrate on what we do best and what our clients require us to do, we are always looking improve within our core operations.