Captain America


Captain America

When the blockbuster film “Captain America” came to Manchester in 2010, Capricorn security was hired for all the location security services. After working on the Film “Alfie” and “Sherlock” in the same part of town the production company was impressed with our excellent track record.

The Captain America unit was very intense and the plan was to close a major road in the city centre for two weeks, something that had never been done in Manchester before. Over the 2 week set build, 2 week shoot and de rig we worked around the clock and hand in hand with the production company the authority’s and the local community to ensure the filming process ran smoothly, and the people who lived and worked in the community who faced with the absolute minimum disruption to their day to day lives.

The shoot was a great success for everyone involved and this will no doubt encourage other big productions to choose Manchester for their projects in the future which will be good for the all crew and local businesses in the region.

Location Security in the center of Manchester